Ankle Braces Can Reduce The Number Of Ankle Sprains In Football And Basketball + MORE

Ankle Braces Can Reduce The Number Of Ankle Sprains In Football And Basketball + MORE

ACCOUNTABILITY WITH ATHLETES: Yet Another Horrible HS Football Incident…. + MORE

So, the two defensive backs from John Jay HS in San Antonio. TX, go on national TV (Good Morning America) and try to present themselves as good, wholesome kids, that their actions in which they blindsided the ref does not truly reflect who they are. And to “justify” their actions, the tw.... More »
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If you can’t imitate him, don’t copy him: Poynter’s 8 lessons from Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra Yogi Berra said you could learn a lot by watching. You can also learn a lot by listening and reading. Roy Peter Clark collected Eight language lessons from Yogi Berra at, and yes, those lessons come from some of Yogi’s malopropisms, which, Clark points out, often have a .... More »

Here’s How You Can Help Your Athlete Handle Sports Anger

If your child gets angry when playing sports, you’re not alone. I’d guess that most athletes do at one time or another. Your goal, as a sports parent should not necessarily be to expect your child to never get angry, but rather help them handle the anger…      .... More »

A Great Way to Show Your Team Spirit! + MORE

Here’s a great way to show your team spirit! My husband is a business owner by day and a coach by night and one way he shows support for his team is by hanging a team flag in his shop. The locals coming in know that he is a supporter of their beloved Cowboys! I...Read More   &#.... More »

ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: Why are So Many Long-Time Coaches Being Let Go at Scarsdale High School? + MORE

Something very curious has been happening at prestigious Scarsdale (NY) HS over the last couple of years. Despite having some very successful athletic programs, at least half a dozen experienced head varsity coaches have been let go. And in all of the cases, nobody knows why. Even some of the dismis.... More »
Everything seems so perfect the day of a wedding. There is dancing, celebration, and the dream of a wonderful life together. Everyone expects their marriage to last forever. Having a relationship that lasts is hard and takes work. People get hurt, problems fester or perhaps someone wanders into the arms of another…

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national flag football tournament 1415186892 500378566 Ankle Braces Can Reduce The Number Of Ankle Sprains In Football And Basketball + MOREDev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Brian Cole, M.D.
Head Team Physician, Chicago Bulls
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Rush University, Chicago, IL
Key Points:

There is good evidence that lace-up ankle braces will reduce the number of ankle sprains in youth football and basketball
Athletes wearing a lace-up brace generally will not notice any decrease in sprint speed or performance
We have not seen any harmful effects of wearing the braces, so it makes good sense for youth football and basketball players to wear lace-up braces

We see a lot of ankle sprains in our clinical practices, and if they make their way to the orthopedic surgeon’s office it generally means it was a significant injury…

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How to Raise Kids Who Bounce Back


How do you help your child face the same pitcher who struck him out three times already in the game?
What will help your young football player keep running with the ball even after he’s fumbled twice in the first quarter?
How can you help your tennis player keep playing after losing the first set at love?
Resiliency is not necessarily something you can teach your kids…

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