ABUSIVE SPORTS PARENTS: More on Coping with Parental Expectations + MORE

ABUSIVE SPORTS PARENTS: More on Coping with Parental Expectations + MORE
youth flag football tournaments 1527214579 386931385 ABUSIVE SPORTS PARENTS: More on Coping with Parental Expectations + MORE

Helping Kids Find the All-Elusive Zone + MORE

Helping Sports Kids Boost Their Focus An athlete’s most focused state is sometimes called “the zone.” When athletes are in the zone, they are totally involved in the game at hand, completely concentrated on what they are doing with no care or thought as to what else is going on around.... More »

COACHING TIPS: Learning from Pro Athletes Who Are Sports Parents Too

 Decorum and Fun: Advice From the Pinnacle For Youth Leaguers’ Parents  By Doug Abrams One Sunday morning in late February, University of South Carolina men’s basketball coach Frank Martin arrived a few minutes early for his 10-year-old son’s basketball game. Near the end of the prior 9-yea.... More »
youth football tournaments 1525979742 895481718 ABUSIVE SPORTS PARENTS: More on Coping with Parental Expectations + MORE

How Steph Curry Became Resilient: A Lesson for Parents + MORE

Using Resiliency to Overcome Frustration Does your young athlete become frustrated when things don’t go as planned during a game or even practice? Does frustration lead them to think negatively about themselves? Do they lose confidence in their ability? To not want to play anymore? Young athletes.... More »

What Olympic Parents Want to Tell Sports Parents

Every two years, we are in awe of Olympians and inevitably, we meet some Olympic parents and hear their stories of sacrifice and support. There was a time, however, when those Olympic parents were sports parents much like you are. I doubt that most of them really grasped that someday their children .... More »

Chicago Bears Fan Guide, Schedule, Traditions

Da Bears! This Chicago Bears Fan Guide is your blueprint to following one of the most storied franchises in the league. If you’re new to pro football or new to Chicago, this short read will get you up to speed quickly. And, if you’re a long-time fan, it will serve as a handy reference re.... More »
Your child’s success will not depend merely on their skills. Throughout 22 years of being a sports mom, I’ve seen my kids succeed and fail many times based on what was going on in their heads. All the skill in the world cannot stand up to the power of a mindset, and the voices that…Read More
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A couple of weeks ago, we really zeroed in on what –in my opinion — I consider to be at the true epicenter of all the conflicts and friction these days between Sports Parents and HS coaches.
More specifically, the issue of Parental Expectations for their kids in sports.
The response to this topic was impressive then, and in fact, I’m still receiving emails and blog posts about it…

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