ABUSIVE PARENTS AND COACHES: What Happens When We Run Out of Refs?

ABUSIVE PARENTS AND COACHES: What Happens When We Run Out of Refs?
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Why is Abusive Coaching Tolerated in Sports? + MORE

On May 29, 2018, University of Maryland lineman Jordan McNair ran the last sprint of his life. After a series of 110 yd runs, during which he became disoriented and had trouble standing, McNair collapsed and died of heat stroke. He had a body temperature of 106 degrees in the hospital. He was only 1.... More »

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The Chronic Nationwide Referee Shortage and Its Safety Risks
By Doug Abrams
 “Everybody thinks [referees] should be perfect, so mom and dad start yelling at the officials. These officials don’t want to be berated all the time, so . . . they get out.”
— Mark Jones, Alabama High School Athletic Association, Director of Officials, January 2018…

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