ABUSIVE COACHES: When Coaches are the Bullies…. + MORE

ABUSIVE COACHES: When Coaches are the Bullies…. + MORE

Celebrating Emil Zatopek, the greatest distance runner in Olympic history + MORE

Celebrating Emil Zatopek, the greatest distance runner in Olympic history Most history buffs are familiar with September 19th’s significance, but for those uninitiated, the mid-fall date has a special place in the heart of athletes everywhere — it’s the birthdate of Emil Zatopek,.... More »

The Right Way to Look at Winning and Losing in Youth Sports

Enough of this nonsense about not loving to win and not hating to lose. This is competition! It’s what sports is all about!   Learn more about how you can keep your child playing and having fun in youth sports!         Related StoriesHere’s a P.... More »
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10 Youth Sports Travel Hacks for Parents + MORE

These travel hacks for youth sports parents provide shortcuts and ideas which will make the trip easier. With my daughter playing travel softball, my son playing travel basketball and my youngest playing travel volleyball and basketball, we traveled a lot for youth sports. We probably didn’t d.... More »

Sports Parenting Podcast: Tips for Basketball Players Who Want to Play at the Next Level + MORE

To listen to this episode, click on the above arrow. If your child plays basketball, and desires to keep playing through high school, perhaps even college, you must listen to what my guest, Kyle Ohman of BasketballHQ.com has to say. He has some great tips for parents, coaches and athletes about bask.... More »
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The Greatest Fictional Coach Bracket + MORE

The Bracket (SEE FULL BRACKET) Some of the greatest coaches to grace the gridiron or pace the hardwood have been fictional. They hold a special place in pop culture history, and sometimes we wish they could hop out of the TV and give us a pep talk. Unfortunately the closest we can get is flipping on.... More »
nfl flag football tournament 1392187609 616997497 ABUSIVE COACHES: When Coaches are the Bullies…. + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Can helmet design reduce the risk of concussion in football?  Short answer: yes.  Dr. Steven Rowson and colleagues recently published a study in the Journal of Neurosurgery to evaluate concussion risk and concussion rates using two different helmet designs…

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Coaches Bully Their Players:
The American Academy of Pediatrics Weighs In
By Doug Abrams
This month’s issue of Pediatrics, the research journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, features “Bullying Behavior by Athletic Coaches,” a thoughtful article by three authors led by Dr. Nancy L. Swigonski of the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis…

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Jeff Passan, covering the Winter Olympics for Yahoo Sports, has access. But he didn’t need it to get one of the best stories of the first weekend at Sochi. He just needed some creativity and ingenuity. If you get a choice, take those over access every time.
American Sage Kotsenburg won the first gold medal of the Games, in slopestyle snowboarding, thanks to his signature move, the “Holy Crail…

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Several years ago I owned a small real estate company. When I started, I had zero experience and learned several lessons the hard way. One particular lesson was the importance of a solid foundation in a home.
Our company purchased homes in need of repair, fixed them up, and leased them to families…

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