ABUSIVE COACHES: What About Moral Standards and Integrity in College Coaches? + MORE

ABUSIVE COACHES: What About Moral Standards and Integrity in College Coaches? + MORE

DANGERS OF CONCUSSIONS: New Study Targets Long-Range Effects on 6-12 Year-Olds

This past week, new research out of Boston University revealed that kids under the age of 12 who play tackle football have a tendency in later life to develop  behavioral, cognitive and depression issues. Now, we have heard endlessly in recent years about the dangers of concussions from playing tac.... More »

INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: How to Be at the Game When You Can’t…. + MORE

3 Ways to Show You Care When You Can’t Make it to the Game By Kathleen Burke, TeamSnap Between the time it takes readying kids for school, helping with homework, keeping the family fed and, oh yeah, going to work, sometimes no matter how hard you try to plan ahead, getting to your child’s sp.... More »

How to Raise Influencers

If you want your child to grow up a leader, not a follower, then you must raise influencers. Influencers do not follow the crowd, they forge their own path. Influencers care about helping others more than advancing their own agenda. Influencers see and sieze an opportunity to help others; while othe.... More »

Nieman Storyboard’s Annotation Tuesday! looks under the hood of great writing + MORE

I don’t know how I’ve missed this, but Niemanstoryboard.org has a feature called Annotation Tuesday! in which one writer interviews another about some recent or famous piece, and the questions and answers are interspersed throughout the story itself. It’s like the audio commentary.... More »

5 Questions to Help Your Child Overcome Disappointments or “Failure” + MORE

When your child experiences “failure” or makes mistakes in a game, the last thing he probably wants to do is think about it some more after it’s all over. During the game, coaches and parents will tell their kids to “shake it off,” which is a good idea in the heat of co.... More »
youth flag football tournaments 1389552255 552366713 ABUSIVE COACHES: What About Moral Standards and Integrity in College Coaches? + MOREAsk a group of grade school students to name their favorite class and the overwhelming and immediate response is “recess!”  Kids are not wired to sit still for hours focused on learning math equations or memorizing facts.  They’re built to move and need the time in their day to unplug their brain and restart their legs…

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There was so much feedback about the Bobby Petrino-themes show I did this AM on WFAN that I decided to reprint the highlights of my fantasy dialogue between Petrino and Tom Jurich, the athletic director at Louisville.
 Let me give you a Fantasy job interview…now, play along with me for a few minutes and see if you get my drift…
This is a make-believe one-on-one conversation between Tom Jurich, the Director of Athletics at the University of Louisville, and a prospective head football coach…we’ll call him Robert…

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Meet Coach Matt S! Coach Matt coaches soccer with CoachUp. He specializes in offensive soccer skills, footwork, and shooting and passing techniques, and he has experience playing soccer in a DI school.
Tell us about yourself:
I’ve played both school and club soccer since age 6 and I also played in various indoor leagues in the winter…

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