ABUSIVE COACHES: The Ongoing Issue of Entitlement with Volunteer Coaches + MORE

ABUSIVE COACHES: The Ongoing Issue of Entitlement with Volunteer Coaches + MORE

How Parents and Coaches Can Help Cut Down on Concussions + MORE

On September 13, 2016, coaches and youth sports leaders around the world will participate in Team Up Day, a day designed to focus on cutting down on youth sports concussions. The straightforward, but powerful goal of Team Up Day is to make sure as many athletes as possible hear a simple speech. Th.... More »
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CRISPR and the Super Athlete

By Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points:  A gene editing technique called CRISPR offers amazing possibilities to cure genetic diseases It also offers the possibility to manipulate a genome to improve athl.... More »

COMMUNICATING WITH THE PARENTS: The Magic – and Power – of Email from Coaches

Using Email to Communicate With the Team’s Parents (Part One) By Doug Abrams  Community youth sports programs and their coaches increasingly seek to maintain open lines of communication with parents before, during, and sometimes even after the season. The term “transparency” is in vogue in p.... More »

Teamwork Quotes To Inspire Your Team + MORE

Teamwork quotes can help you inspire your team. The challenge for any coach or leader is trying to get a group of people to work together to accomplish the objectives at hand. Check out these team sayings for inspiration. Quotes About Teamwork None of us is as smart as all of us. Satchel Paige When .... More »

How to Help Your Child Win Where It Really Counts: In Their Head!

To listen to this new podcast series, click on the above arrow. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Sports is 80% mental”, or maybe even that it’s 90% mental. I read from one sports psychologist that actually it’s 100% mental because thoughts influence actions and those ac.... More »
Entitlement is another one of those relatively new concepts in youth sports that really didn’t exist when most of today’s sports parents were growing up. Like the concept of travel teams, or burnout, or repetitive use injuries, coaching entitlement is one of those  issues that has sprung up like an annoying weed in youth sports, and it has unfortunately spread all over the country…

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If your kid has a cell phone or a tablet and has downloading privileges you need to read this.
We all know that child predators will do just about anything to groom children and teens (and even their family members) to gain their trust, and this includes taking advantage of messaging apps on their mobile devices…

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