ABUSIVE COACHES: Better Be Careful of What You Say – and How You Say It!

ABUSIVE COACHES: Better Be Careful of What You Say – and How You Say It!

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Sports Parents

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Parents, It’s Time to Adopt the 24 Hour Rule

The 24-hour rule was established at a high school where my husband taught and coached for many years. The rule was simply this: if you have a problem with the coach after a game, wait 24 hours before talking to him or her. Unfortunately, parents didn’t always abide by the rule and the result .... More »

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COPING WITH ADVERSITY: The Long and “Short” of Jose Altuve

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Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You! 6 Things Every Parent Should Know About Youth Sports + MORE

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A couple of items caught my eye this week from the world of college  baseball. Two Division I coaches, one the head coach at Cal State Fullerton and the other at Arkansas – Little Rock, were both caught on audio tape ripping their respective teams for shoddy play, lack of execution, etc.
That was bad enough but even worse – these so-called “pep talks” were laced with over-the-top profanities and obscenities – strong enough to blister paint off a wall…

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