ABUSIVE COACHES: Better Be Careful of What You Say – and How You Say It!

ABUSIVE COACHES: Better Be Careful of What You Say – and How You Say It!
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ACCOUNTABILITY WITH ATHLETES: Steubenville HS Football Player Convicted of Rape Does His Time, Returns to Playing Field + MORE

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Here’s Why a Sports Parenting Martyr Complex Doesn’t Work

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One of the more disturbing trends over the last 30 years in baseball is that we have become a nation obsessed with radar guns. There was once a time that only pro scouts had radar guns, and they varied in velocity; that is, some guns would project one speed for a pitcher, and another make of a radar.... More »

Help Your Child Learn the Secret of Real Leadership + MORE

The secret of real leadership is not in how loud you yell or how dominating you are in the game….   Help Me Raise $500 for Caps for Kids! Caps for Kids is a program that gives autographed baseball caps to kids battling cancer. The  caps and autographs are from their heroes. Please take a.... More »
A couple of items caught my eye this week from the world of college  baseball. Two Division I coaches, one the head coach at Cal State Fullerton and the other at Arkansas – Little Rock, were both caught on audio tape ripping their respective teams for shoddy play, lack of execution, etc.
That was bad enough but even worse – these so-called “pep talks” were laced with over-the-top profanities and obscenities – strong enough to blister paint off a wall…

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