ABUSIVE COACHES: A New Trend is Developing in Holding Coaches Accountable + MORE

ABUSIVE COACHES: A New Trend is Developing in Holding Coaches Accountable + MORE

ABUSIVE COACHES: When HS Coaches Want Kids to Practice Their Sport….All Year Round

We all know about the ongoing tug-of-war between HS varsity coaches and travel team coaches, and how all coaches are eager to have their top athletes dedicate the bulk of their practice and game time to each coach’s respective sport. We know about all of this from the battles between HS varsit.... More »

How I Made Peace with My Child’s Lack of Playing Time

Lack of playing time is a cause for extreme concern for many sports parents. I know it was for me. Worrying about playing time kept me awake at night, made my stomach upset and sometimes made me irritable and negative. I suppose if it happened every season with every child, I would have gotten used..... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: How Do You Explain “Tanking” to Kids? + MORE

I suspect that these kinds of conversations will become more common in the next few years: “Coach, the best team in the tournament is in our bracket. But if we somehow figure out a way to lose our next game, we will then go into the loser’s bracket… and then we can bypass playing the top s.... More »

10 Things Your Son Needs From You + MORE

  We think your son needs everything from you. However, the following 10 things add up to a solid start, and they are gateway concepts to so much more. But there’s a balance at play here. You see, ultimately, your job is to make sure that there’s nothing your son needs from you (other than .... More »

DANGERS OF HAZING: What Will Happen in Sayreville, NJ – A Scary Proposition for All Involved + MORE

TROUBLE IN SAYREVILLE                                  By Steve Kallas   By now you probably know that seven members of the Sayreville High School varsity football team have been arrested and charged with serious crimes in the alleged sexual assaults of at least four.... More »
If you’re a tennis fan, it’s hard to get around the reality that there are fewer and fewer American highly-ranked tennis stars. In the US Open, for example, on the men’s side, John Isner — America’s best shot – was eliminated Saturday night, and on the women’s side, with the exception of the Williams’ sisters, there are not many highly-ranked women…

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I learned my first marriage secret from a seasoned veteran right after getting royally beaten at racquetball. I was 24 years-old, full of energy, full with confidence, and full of myself!
My opponent was pushing 60. To be honest, I was embarrassed at how easy the game was going to be. “I’m going to run circles around this dude,” I thought…

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Ever since the debacle of the Rutgers men’s basketball program a few years ago and the dismissal of Mike Rice for verbally and physically abusing his players, something new has evolved.
And it’s a good trend.
Coaches at all levels are now coming under more scrutiny than ever before.
There was a time in this country not long ago where coaches used to have supreme power when it came to running their programs, and they were given tremendous leeway by their athletic director to run their programs…

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