ABUSIVE COACHES: A New Trend is Developing in Holding Coaches Accountable + MORE

ABUSIVE COACHES: A New Trend is Developing in Holding Coaches Accountable + MORE

10 Secrets Young Athletes Want Dad to Know

Sports Dads, can we talk for a minute about your young athletes? As a coach’s wife for 3 decades and sports mom for 21 years, I’ve seen just about every kind of sports dad there is, and I know you–you are most likely very competitive, love your child, and ultimately just want him o.... More »

COMMUNICATING WITH THE PARENTS: Part II of Doug Abrams’ Experiences as a Youth Hockey Coach + MORE

 Using Email to Communicate With the Team’s Parents (Part 2) By Doug Abrams Part 1 of this three-part column urged community youth league coaches to consider using email to share observations and explanations with parents before, during, and after the season. The Part provided emails that I, as h.... More »

The Talent That Whispers + MORE

The scouts snickered. They looked at the time again. To this day the 5.28 second 40 yard dash time is one of the slowest for quarterbacks in the history of the NFL combine. His 24.5 inch vertical leap didn’t have them lining up at his door either. He had been a good, but not an The post The Talent.... More »

At-Home Workout, Vol 1 + What To Watch + MORE

At-Home Workout Halloween is finally upon us, but if you’re worried about all those chocolates and sweets, we’ve got the perfect At-Home Workout for you to take advantage of on Sunday! All of our workouts focus on delivering fun, calorie-burning activities that don’t require an exp.... More »

What Kind of Youth Sports Fan Are You? + MORE

Are you a crazy youth sports fan? Or do you actually enjoy watching your child play because you’ve learned how to let youth sports be youth sports? Today’s guest post by Scott Rosberg from Coachwithcharacter.com asks the question that every sports parent needs to answer: what kind of fa.... More »
If you’re a tennis fan, it’s hard to get around the reality that there are fewer and fewer American highly-ranked tennis stars. In the US Open, for example, on the men’s side, John Isner — America’s best shot – was eliminated Saturday night, and on the women’s side, with the exception of the Williams’ sisters, there are not many highly-ranked women…

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I learned my first marriage secret from a seasoned veteran right after getting royally beaten at racquetball. I was 24 years-old, full of energy, full with confidence, and full of myself!
My opponent was pushing 60. To be honest, I was embarrassed at how easy the game was going to be. “I’m going to run circles around this dude,” I thought…

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Ever since the debacle of the Rutgers men’s basketball program a few years ago and the dismissal of Mike Rice for verbally and physically abusing his players, something new has evolved.
And it’s a good trend.
Coaches at all levels are now coming under more scrutiny than ever before.
There was a time in this country not long ago where coaches used to have supreme power when it came to running their programs, and they were given tremendous leeway by their athletic director to run their programs…

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