A Wikipedia horror story: How attribution and verification can (usually) save the day + MORE

A Wikipedia horror story: How attribution and verification can (usually) save the day + MORE

Survey: Young readers get news from online-only outlets, feel better about traditional ones + MORE

What to make of this survey by Elite Daily in partnership with the University of Florida journalism school? It found that while a large plurality of young adults get their news primarily from online-only news sites, those who prefer traditional websites of traditional news outlets rate themselves as.... More »
flag football tournaments 1453457087 1006197083 A Wikipedia horror story: How attribution and verification can (usually) save the day + MORE

How Sports Parents Can Motivate Kids Without Pressuring Them + MORE

Lisa Cohn here from The Ultimate Sports Parent. Just yesterday, my 7-year-old told me he didn’t want to go to gymnastics. He said he didn’t like doing the warm-up exercises and wasn’t going to go any more. But I know he loves his gymnastics class… I had a few options here. One, tell him.... More »

2 Key Ways to Invest in Your Child’s Youth Sports Experience

Are you fully investing yourself in your child’s youth sports experience? As sports parents, it’s easy to coast through youth sports. Go to the games, volunteer your time, write the checks–yes you are enjoying the experience, but at the same time, you might be missing out on some very valu.... More »

Cut Down on Youth Sports Conflicts by Using These 3 Channels of Good Communication

In every relationship, you must have good communication for it to be healthy. That truth applies to family, friends, co-workers, and yes, it also applies to youth sports. After 28 years of being a coach’s wife and 21 years as a sports mom, I’ve concluded that the biggest conflicts resulted from.... More »

Community Service Ideas for Youth: Why Giving Back Matters

If you are searching for community service ideas for children, you may be hoping to help them:  1) Meet school or scouting service requirements; 2) Build positive resumes for college; and/or 3) Develop into more empathetic and caring young people. Whatever the reasons, it’s helpful to understand .... More »
Blog follower and prolific commentator here, Don Brady, PhD, PsyD, NCSP is featured on ION TV’s “The Subject Matters” from May of 2014.  The video is in two 15 minute chunks: Dr. Brady is a very good resource and wealth of information.  I suggest you take some time to check out his time on ION […]

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junior football tournaments 1406782613 1120886119 A Wikipedia horror story: How attribution and verification can (usually) save the day + MORE 
A friend of mine was enjoying a nice bike ride across campus while in college.  Suddenly he was ambushed by a water balloon that hit him square in the face.  The force of the impact knocked him off of his bike.  The guy who threw the balloon, a floor mate, laughed wildly.
Several weeks later my friend caught the perpetrator filling another water balloon right below the bathroom window on their floor, five floors up…

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Want to hear a scary story? This one makes “Friday the 13th” look like a sweet fairy tale.
That is, if your primal fear is … trusting Wikipedia.
In “I accidentally started a Wikipedia hoax” on The Daily Dot, EJ Dickson confesses that as a college sophomore in 2009, she and a friend named Evan had made up something and added it to a Wikipedia article…

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A few months ago, Jackson, our 8-year-old had basketball tryouts to play for the Indy Nets Basketball club here in Indianapolis. It would be the first time he would have a tryout for a team before playing with them. Up to this point he had only played rec leagues, no club teams, no travel teams, and no AAU teams…

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