A treasure trove of social media advice from NPR’s Sandbox Tumblr + MORE

A treasure trove of social media advice from NPR’s Sandbox Tumblr + MORE

6 Things You Should See From the Sidelines as You Watch Your Child Play

As you sit on the sidelines, what are you watching most? The score? The time-clock, your phone, or your child? As hard as it is, I’d like to suggest that you tear your eyes away from the scoreboard and focus more on what you observe as you watch your child. There some important things that...R.... More »

I Never Thought it Would End THIS Way

By Karrick Dyer (this originally appeared on www.KarrickDyer.com and is reprinted with permission of @KarrickD) For anyone who has ever coached youth sports of any kind, from pee-wee to middle school, and even high school sports in some cases………I have a deep question that has been floating in .... More »

3 Life Skills that Playing Sports will Teach Your Child

This post is sponsored by Genius of Play, a one-stop source for play ideas that build real skills. Perhaps you’ve heard over and over about the life skills that playing sports will teach your child. I believe very strongly that it offers a golden opportunity for parents and coaches to help d.... More »

October’s Positive Youth Sports Award Goes to…. + MORE

October’s Positive Youth Sports Award goes to Sherry Connor, from Charlotte, North Carolina.   Sherry has been coaching for six years and presently coaches high school and club volleyball. Sherry is described as:   An amazing coach, and an amazing person. She cares about each of her.... More »
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Heaven’s Baseball Schedule Expanded

Baseball fans in heaven are excited about the prospect of more doubleheaders, because as Banks said, “It’s a great day for a ball game; let’s play two!” Baseball great Ernie Banks died yesterday at the age of 83. “Mr. Cub” was noted for his sunny disposition, loy.... More »
Want some tips on how to make the best use of social media? Well, they’re all over. Just sniff around.
Want a gold mine? A “treasure trove”? Check out Melody Kramer’s Social Sandbox Mega Recap Post on her personal blog. The Social Sandbox is a Tumblr Kramer ran for NPR, where she’s in her final week as a digital strategist and editor before moving to a government agency called 18F…

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When it comes to youth sports, we all think our kids are the best. It’s parental instinct. And quite honestly, we should be biased when it comes to our children. But there is a time when you should over-ride your prejudices and face reality, and one of those times is when you are looking at…Read More

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