A career in sports media can go way beyond the press box + MORE

A career in sports media can go way beyond the press box + MORE

4 Important Things Your Child’s Youth Sports Coach Wants You To Know

Have you ever asked your child’s coach how you can best help him or her do their job?  Last month, I shared in a video that parents and coaches have a disconnect and that communication is a must if they are to work together to give kids a positive youth sports experience. In order to...Read .... More »
 1498020246 1524868200 A career in sports media can go way beyond the press box + MORE

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes + MORE

Superheroes are defined as “benevolent fictional characters with superhuman powers, such as Superman.” Well, maybe it’s time to expand that definition to include non-fictional folks, and specifically, Shavarsh Karapetyan. Here is Karapetyan’s story. The world has seen many gr.... More »

Content Standards: Attributing stats and factual information + MORE

Knowing when to attribute information to a third-party source is an important skill for any writer. In most cases, it’s pretty straightforward. When it comes to the presentation of stats and other factual information, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s fair game and what owes credi.... More »

10 Things That Will Make Life Easier for Busy Sport Parents

Busy Sports parents, do you feel like you’re drowning? Last night I was talking with a sports mom, who was recounting her busy day to me: running from school to home to pre-game drop-off, to home, and back to the game. It made me tired just listening to her! I remember that life. There were....... More »

You know what would bite? Not reading Wright Thompson’s Luis Suarez profile + MORE

Two quick notes in the wake of Luis Suarez biting Giorgio Chiellini in Uruguay’s win over Italy Tuesday: First, the memes have been disappointing. Come on, internet. Second, if you hadn’t already read Wright Thompson’s May 14 ESPN the Magazine piece Portrait of a Serial Winner, no.... More »
youth football tournaments 1400921678 416440652 A career in sports media can go way beyond the press box + MOREDo you have sports kids who criticize themselves for making mistakes?
Do they hang onto a mistake for too long, talking about them or reminding themselves about how much they goofed up?
If so, it’s likely you have a perfectionist on your hands…
Many people think of perfectionism as being a positive quality: Perfectionists work hard and always show up on time…

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Michael Durant sat in the seat of his crashed “Super Six-Four” Blackhawk helicopter.  He had a broken femur and crushed some vertebrae in his spine.  He was the only conscious crew member of the aircraft that was now surrounded by Somali militia.  Enemy fire began to hit all around him…

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Memorial Day is almost here. The time has finally come for pool parties, cookouts, and backyard wiffle ball. But before you get too comfortable with the idea of summer vacation, ask yourself if you have a plan for your offseason summer workouts. The offseason is one of the most important times for young athletes to continue the work they put in during the season and build upon it…

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youth flag football tournaments 1400921685 8596892 A career in sports media can go way beyond the press box + MOREA lot of people think working in sports media is just sitting in a press box, enjoying the buffet and tweeting about what’s happening at a sporting event.
I grew up dreaming of working in sports, and I always thought it would be that easy because I loved nearly every sport. I do love my job, but I was way off with that assumption…

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