7 Days of Love Valentines Challenge + MORE

7 Days of Love Valentines Challenge + MORE

Confession: I’m Too Harsh with My Kids + MORE

  I realized, I’m too harsh with my kids. The other day, I was driving with my two kids in the backseat. My daughter started to do things that annoyed my son. He was clearly upset and started laying into her. Immediately, I noticed his harsh words and tone. My daughter was hurt and began .... More »

Arkansas Looks Into Hit Limits + MORE

Over two years ago I sent an open letter and proposals to the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) regarding hit limits in football.  Some took this as a “candy ass” approach and one that was not needed.  I disagreed with that assessment, in fact, I felt that what I wrote at the tim.... More »
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Fantasy Football: 11 Winning Tips To Shock Your League + MORE

Writing “Fantasy Football: 11 Winning Tips to Shock your League” was long overdue. Now with the season nearly upon us is time for everyone to review these tips. Winning at fantasy football isn’t just about finishing first in your league and winning the Super Bowl. Sure, that’s a big .... More »

March Madness: Your bracket’s busted, but B/R’s coverage isn’t + MORE

Whenever there’s a big event—and I think the first weekend of March Madness counts—I like to review the best of Bleacher Report’s content. It’s a great chance to appreciate how far we’ve come. I’ve been saying this for about a year now: I’d put the best Bleach.... More »
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10 Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage + MORE

  In a report from the National Survey of Families and Households, 5,232 married adults were interviewed and 1,315 said they were “unhappily married.” Five years later, the same adults who said they were unhappily married, some of whom had divorced and some of whom had stayed married, were.... More »
Valentine’s Day is approaching and it can make or break some of us. If your wife is the super romantic type and you are not, this time of year can be a little nerve racking for you. One thing that is hard for me is making it more special and creative than just bringing home flowers and a card…

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Most of the events during the 2014 Sochi Olympics are going to be streaming live online. That’s 15 sports and 98 events. It’s going to be a lot to keep track of, and let’s be honest; we want to make sure we see the good stuff. There are 12 new events that have never been in the Winter Olympics before, including ski halfpipe, ski and snowboarding slopestyle, and team figure skating…

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Where is Tech Going With Concussions

– theconcussionblog.com

Technology is ever-expanding in all areas of our life; in my short time we have gone from land line phones and massive desktop computers that could play “Lemonade Stand” to handheld personal computers that is also a phone.  The point being that technology is amazing.  In the previous post we discussed how MRI now can […]

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Think back to the time you wrote your first essay in English class. If you were anything like me, your teachers probably harped on you to support your arguments with facts.
Regardless of the topic, that lesson was always drilled into my head.
And it’s become even more important since joining Bleacher Report’s Advanced Program in Sports Media…

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Concussions result in microscopic white matter and inflammatory changes to the brain, say three new studies.

The studies, published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, add to a growing body of research suggesting that concussion can no longer be thought of as a transient injury resulting in just a temporary disruption of brain function, but that it results in persistent structural and electrophysiological changes as well…

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