6 Unrealistic Expectations Sports Parents Place on Young Athletes + MORE

6 Unrealistic Expectations Sports Parents Place on Young Athletes + MORE
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Tired of Youth Sports Politics? Attend My Live Webinar and Get Help for Navigating the Mess! + MORE

Youth Sports Politics has been blamed for a lot of the craziness that goes on in youth sports today. Perhaps you too, have asked, Why can’t the kids just play and have fun? I asked that question many times during my 21 years of being a sports mom, and now that my daughter is coaching...Read.... More »

7 Things You Must Protect Your Daughter From

  A father’s urge to protect his daughter is cross-cultural. Truth be told, no matter what our parenting style, our daughters look to us for security. It’s not an old-fashioned sentiment. Our girls are hard-wired to look to us fathers as protectors. This article discusses just some of the.... More »

3 Keys of Family Leadership + MORE

  Happy Thanksgiving! Immediately after the holiday, I will be headed to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. It is a true blessing to play in the NFL; however, one of the hardest parts is traveling away from my family. Several months ago, we went to West Virginia for training camp. We stayed at Th.... More »
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Can We Shift the Paradigm in Youth Sports? + MORE

I was recently in Ohio for a family event. At this event, my father and his friends began sharing stories of their childhood. Everyone shared stories of their days of triumph on the sporting fields in their small Midwest town. As the event progressed, it evolved into a full on discussion about youth.... More »

3 Exercises to Develop Winning Concentration + MORE

Your ability to focus on what's important and let go of everything else is absolutely essential to reaching your potential as an athlete. If you concentrate on the wrong things at the wrong time, you'll never perform to your true potential!   Concentration is one of the KEY mental skills responsi.... More »
No words exist to adequately describe what a father goes through when he gets divorced. He loses a wife who he had intended to spend the rest of his life with. He also usually loses his legacy by being removed from his own children. He doesn’t have to. He can do as much as you can given his limitations…

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With football season in full swing, there’s no shortage of talk about young players – from high school down to the Pee Wee levels – suffering from concussions. Yet many parents may lack knowledge about this mild traumatic brain injury, according to two studies to be presented Friday, October 10, 2014 at a pre-conference symposium on pediatric sports medicine at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference & Exhibition in San Diego…

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One of the biggest reasons for conflict in relationships is unmet expectations. And in youth sports, it is no different. Parents expect things from their kids who play sports, things that the child may not be ready or able to deliver. We should be hoping for the best for our kids. We should express our…

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Youth baseball has morphed into a year-round sport (particularly in warm weather climates), with some athletes playing on multiple teams in the same season. One result: an increasing number of pitchers sidelined with overuse injuries or needing surgery (e.g. Tommy John).
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“The Sounds of Silence”:
Why Adults Should Listen to What Players Do Not Say
By Doug Abrams
A few years ago, my 9-10-year-old squirt hockey team held a practice three days before we played in the state championship tournament’s final game. By rotating games all season, our two goalies had helped keep us in title contention…

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Ben Koo of Awful Announcing did some great detective work to clear the name of Joe Streater, whose name had been dragged into the history of the Boston College point-shaving scandal of 1978-79, despite Streater never having been implicated. In fact, as Koo points out, Streater wasn’t even a member of the 1978-79 BC team…

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