5 Tips for Effectively Confronting a Coach

5 Tips for Effectively Confronting a Coach

Can Youth Sports be Both Fun and Competitive?

I got an email from a distraught parent the other day. She described a scene where the coach was screaming at the girls after a loss. She was beside herself at how the coach treated the girls. He was demeaning, he was loud and scary, and he had lost perspective on the age he was The post Can Youth S.... More »

Free Printable Training Journal Page for Girls

Back by popular demand!! A few years ago I created a fun printable sports journal page for girls to keep track of their workouts and practices. Recently I have had quite a few requests for the file again. Download the free printable training journal page for girls (or anyone, really). What you need.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: How Do You Explain “Tanking” to Kids? + MORE

I suspect that these kinds of conversations will become more common in the next few years: “Coach, the best team in the tournament is in our bracket. But if we somehow figure out a way to lose our next game, we will then go into the loser’s bracket… and then we can bypass playing the top s.... More »

Motivational Quotes for Kids That Help Build Positive Relationships + MORE

https://www.rootsofaction.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Motivational-Quotes-for-Kids-1.pngThe post Motivational Quotes for Kids That Help Build Positive Relationships appeared first on Roots of Action..... More »
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Certificates for Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball and More + MORE

Our certificates for youth sports are a great way to recognize players and coaches. Many youth sports are year round experiences. But, some winter sports are winding down or are completely over for teams. If you’re a coach in youth sports or a team parent, or maybe just an interest sports pare.... More »
Confronting a coach is not a habit that I advocate when a parent is unhappy with playing time, position, or even coaching strategy. But I know that there will be times when you feel you must do it anyway for one of those purposes, or even for a reason that has nothing to do with…Read More
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