5 Questions to Help Your Child Overcome Disappointments or “Failure” + MORE

5 Questions to Help Your Child Overcome Disappointments or “Failure” + MORE

2 Key Ways to Invest in Your Child’s Youth Sports Experience

Are you fully investing yourself in your child’s youth sports experience? As sports parents, it’s easy to coast through youth sports. Go to the games, volunteer your time, write the checks–yes you are enjoying the experience, but at the same time, you might be missing out on some very valu.... More »
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Why Sports Should be Fun for Young Kids + MORE

How Can Parents Help Athletes Have Fun? A sport parent asks: “My 5-yr-old niece is playing softball and right now she is experiencing issues of not wanting to bat with fear of getting out. It’s real bad and embarrassing, she keeps crying and having tantrums in the dugout. Also today after f.... More »
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Car Tires And Cancer + MORE

By Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Artificial turf fields continue to grow in popularity, many of these fields use ground-up car tires (crumb rubber) as infill material Many scientific studies have s.... More »

Drill of the Week: Defending The Deep Ball + MORE

It’s almost time for fall playoffs around the country, so it’s crucial that you’re in peak form, both physically and mentally. The pressure on defensive units to excel will never be higher, but do you feel like you’re prepared for everything? For defensive backs and corners i.... More »

12 Tips for Making a Recruiting Video for Your Athlete + MORE

If your child has aspirations to play in college, you may have already started making videos for schools. When my daughter was playing softball in high school, my husband began recording her as she played, and set out to make a video for college coaches. We sent it to several schools, and the poor r.... More »
When your child experiences “failure” or makes mistakes in a game, the last thing he probably wants to do is think about it some more after it’s all over. During the game, coaches and parents will tell their kids to “shake it off,” which is a good idea in the heat of competition…

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I can remember the excitement I had as New Year’s Eve approached before I had kids. I would reflect on the past year, what I’d accomplished, and what the new year may bring. But the focus of my excitement was having a celebration.
I have to admit I was probably a little reckless — or carefree at best…

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