5 Mistakes (some) Parents Make When Praising Their Picky Eater + MORE

5 Mistakes (some) Parents Make When Praising Their Picky Eater + MORE

How You Can Coach Your Child to Be an Overcomer + MORE

When your child is going through a rough season, you can talk to him until you are blue in the face and still may not feel like he is listening to what you are saying. Unfortunately, our kids can become immune to our encouragements and pep talks and no matter how profound our words are,...Read .... More »

6 Memories You Absolutely Must Make With Your Athlete Before He Quits Playing Sports

Part of the fun in youth sports is all the memories you will make with your athlete. You’ll have lots to reminisce and laugh about when your kids are older. After 22 years of being a sports mom, there’s some specific memories that stand out. Can I encourage you to look beyond the usual .... More »
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When Sports Kids Don’t Get Enough Playing Time + MORE

When sports kids don’t get enough playing time, it can really hurt their confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. They feel as if the coaches don’t value them. They worry that they’re doing everything wrong. As sports parents, you can help your young athletes when they feel this way. First of.... More »
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Do Your Athletes Have Pregame Jitters or Performance Anxiety? + MORE

Helping Sports Kids Overcome Pregame Anxiety Just before a game, your kids may say they’re feeling jittery and will look distracted, over-excited and tense. They may have sweaty palms and a pounding heart. In many cases, such feelings are pregame jitters or “butterflies” that actually.... More »
For soccer players, developing a great first touch and connection with the ball before practices and games is key. If you don’t warm-up with a ball near your feet, there’s a good chance you’ll be sloppy and turnover prone during game time. So, the next time you’re just standing around or shooting on net, consider switching it up to the Dynamic Skills Drill! Our Drill of the Week aims to put our athletes in the best position to succeed on the field, which means tackling every facet of of your body, existing skills, and overall conditioning…

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Is quitting youth sports an option in your home? When your kids come to you and say, “I want to quit,” your answers may vary from “No way, you’ve got to stick it out to “Well, if you really don’t want to play, I guess it’s okay.” As a parent, it’s often hard to know…

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flag football tournament 1444681929 490267164 5 Mistakes (some) Parents Make When Praising Their Picky Eater + MOREGuest Post from Feeding Specialist, Melanie Potuck
What’s parenting got to do with raising a healthy eater?  Everything.

Now, that’s not to say that kids become picky eaters because of “bad” parenting. When I teach classes around the United States, the audience learns that kids with serious feeding challenges got there because something went awry with their physiology, sensory or motor development, and consequently, children quickly learn to limit what they’ll eat…

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