5 Family Financial Priorities + MORE

5 Family Financial Priorities + MORE
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Bone Loss In Young Females: Once It’s Lost It’s Tough To Get It Back

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: A woman develops about half her bone mineral content during her adolescent years, and healthy bone mineral content and bone mass lower the risk for stress fractu.... More »

Why Athletic Talent isn’t Enough + MORE

Your child may be an amazing athlete, but athletic talent is not enough for them to achieve their goals. In a study that is rather long and tedious, author Daniel Chambliss addresses The Mundanity of Excellence as it relates to Olympic swimmers. His conclusions go against the grain of what we see a .... More »

Triumphant Victory Quotes to Inspire a Win

Victory quotes have always inspired and moved men and women to achieve great things. There are endless tails of glorious victories on the battlefield. But there are also smaller moments of achievement in everyone’s lives almost every day. Even in doing simple things you can find yourself getting a.... More »
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Looking for a Good Pair of Youth Sports Cleats? Here’s the Top Sellers + MORE

When looking to buy your child youth sports cleats, the choices are many. And the hours you can spend that you really don’t have can quickly add up as you tried to shop around and choose. One good way to determine what’s the best choice is to see what others have bought. Usually if they..... More »
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Helping Your Child Build Leadership Skills + MORE

Encouraging Leadership Skills in Youth Sports Leadership skills are essential for sports kids who want to become more valuable to their teams. Here’s the good news: Becoming a leader is a straightforward process that requires the same commitment and dedication your kids would give to their jump s.... More »
According to a recent article in the Dallas Morning News, the top financial priority of American families is to simply get caught up on the bills. This is complicated by a record number of Americans completely out of the work force and not actively seeking employment. The new jobs being created are temporary and low income in nature…

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To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. In this new series of youth sports podcasts, I will be focusing on How You Can Help Your Child Improve His Athletic Skills.  Today’s podcast focuses on two issues: what is the best starting sport for your child? and how can you help your child deal…

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I was intrigued by this tweet by NYU journalism professor, media critic and prolific tweeter Jay Rosen:
If you teach digital journalism, you might make these statements required reading and discuss them in class. http://t.co/rZEibb8rnE
— Jay Rosen (@jayrosen_nyu) February 24, 2015
That link led to a page with links to four “Candidate’s Statements” and the heading:
Editor in Chief of The Guardian
Organised by the Guardian and Observer Chapel Branch of the NUJ
OK, what?
It turns out the NUJ is the National Union of Journalists, a trade union in the United Kingdom and Ireland…

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