5 Drills to Include in Your Kids’ Summer Basketball Training + MORE

5 Drills to Include in Your Kids’ Summer Basketball Training + MORE

Youth Sports Heroes of the Month: Sophia and Elizabeth Glazer (Wellesley, Mass.) + MORE

The American Medical Association calls domestic violence a "public health problem that has reached epidemic proportions." Most victims are vulnerable women and children assaulted by male perpetrators. Most victims emerge physically battered or emotionally scarred. An alarming number end .... More »

15 Fall Riddles and Jokes for Kids + MORE

  Riddles and jokes are a great way to help our children laugh and put their brains in motion at the same time. Add to that the fun of a festive season like fall, and you have one terrific opportunity to make some great memories with the kids. Here are some silly, and yes corny, jokes and riddl.... More »
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What to do When Your Athletes Are Benched

Helping Young Athletes Rebuild Confidence One parent asks: “My child was recently demoted out of the starting lineup on his basketball team and has been having troubles playing ever since. What can I do to help him get back in the starting lineup?” Demotions of any kind can undermine ki.... More »

At-Home Workout, Vol 1 + What To Watch + MORE

At-Home Workout Halloween is finally upon us, but if you’re worried about all those chocolates and sweets, we’ve got the perfect At-Home Workout for you to take advantage of on Sunday! All of our workouts focus on delivering fun, calorie-burning activities that don’t require an exp.... More »

ABUSIVE COACHES: Better Be Careful of What You Say – and How You Say It!

A couple of items caught my eye this week from the world of college  baseball. Two Division I coaches, one the head coach at Cal State Fullerton and the other at Arkansas – Little Rock, were both caught on audio tape ripping their respective teams for shoddy play, lack of execution, etc. That.... More »
The big news in journalism nerdworld right now—pretty much the only news—is the unceremonious firing of Jill Abramson as the executive editor of the New York Times. Publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. announced the firing to the newsroom Wednesday. Managing editor Dean Baquet was announced as Abramson’s replacement…

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Have you ever noticed a father’s reaction to his child’s birth in the movies?  Often tears of joy are shed.  His face shows all of his hopes and dreams coming true.  In every depiction, there is almost always an instant connection between father and child.
That may be a realistic response for some, but it is also common for fathers to feel no connection at all…

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This year’s NBA Playoffs have just been ridiculous! And no, I’m not talking about the Clippers ownership fiasco. I’m talking about the play on the court. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love the game of basketball. I’ve played almost since I began to walk and talk, played in college, and play from time to time now…

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"I stay away from bagels and bread. They have too many carbs."

"I’m on the Paleo Diet; I don’t eat wheat or other grain foods."

"I don’t eat pasta dinners any more. I have a big salad instead."

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nfl flag football tournament 1400223370 1889629033 5 Drills to Include in Your Kids’ Summer Basketball Training + MOREEditor’s note:  With the NFL Draft just completed, football season is not as far away as you’d think.  To get you in that football frame of mind, take a peak at the following excerpt from an essay I wrote for USA Football:  “Football Fever:  Reflections of a Football Fan.”

My love of football began by watching football games on TV with my dad and brother…

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