5 Drills to Include in Your Kids’ Summer Basketball Training + MORE

5 Drills to Include in Your Kids’ Summer Basketball Training + MORE

Is “Fear of Missing Out” Ruining Youth Sports?

I remember the day I coached my son TJ’s first soccer game. He was only five, and I was so proud, so excited, and couldn’t wait for him to play the game I loved. There was one problem. He didn’t want to play. When the game was about to start, he said, “Dad I don’t The post Is &.... More »

Drinking On A Schedule Not The Same As Encouraging Young Athletes To Over-Drink, Experts Say + MORE

  A new article in the New York Times quotes Kevin Miller, an associate professor of athletic training at Central Michigan University and MomsTEAM contributor as saying that "'best advice' about how to keep young athletes healthy during warm-weather practices 'is common sense.'&q.... More »

Don’t Turn Your Young Athlete Into a Mini Me + MORE

“Dad, am I a disappointment to you?” My son asked, choking back tears. I stopped dead in my tracks. We were walking out of a local amusement park on our way to the car. We had spent the day at the park to bond. It seems the plan backfired. I gathered myself. Inside I was The post Don’t Tur.... More »

3 Steps to Stopping Ref Abuse in Youth Sports

What is the solution to stopping ref abuse? It is a very real problem. Listen to these facts: In a detailed survey of over 17,000 referees conducted last year by the National Association of Sports Officials, 87% of respondents said that they had suffered from verbal abuse in their role as officia.... More »


Here’s a quick review of the biggest topics and headlines regarding sports parenting issues from 2014. Let’s start with the biggest issue of the year…concussions: Here’s what we know: 1– Concussions are commonplace in HS football, but they also occur in any contact sport, such as i.... More »
The big news in journalism nerdworld right now—pretty much the only news—is the unceremonious firing of Jill Abramson as the executive editor of the New York Times. Publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. announced the firing to the newsroom Wednesday. Managing editor Dean Baquet was announced as Abramson’s replacement…

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Have you ever noticed a father’s reaction to his child’s birth in the movies?  Often tears of joy are shed.  His face shows all of his hopes and dreams coming true.  In every depiction, there is almost always an instant connection between father and child.
That may be a realistic response for some, but it is also common for fathers to feel no connection at all…

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This year’s NBA Playoffs have just been ridiculous! And no, I’m not talking about the Clippers ownership fiasco. I’m talking about the play on the court. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love the game of basketball. I’ve played almost since I began to walk and talk, played in college, and play from time to time now…

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"I stay away from bagels and bread. They have too many carbs."

"I’m on the Paleo Diet; I don’t eat wheat or other grain foods."

"I don’t eat pasta dinners any more. I have a big salad instead."

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nfl flag football tournament 1400223370 1889629033 5 Drills to Include in Your Kids’ Summer Basketball Training + MOREEditor’s note:  With the NFL Draft just completed, football season is not as far away as you’d think.  To get you in that football frame of mind, take a peak at the following excerpt from an essay I wrote for USA Football:  “Football Fever:  Reflections of a Football Fan.”

My love of football began by watching football games on TV with my dad and brother…

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