5 Attitudes Designed to Help Your Family Live in Peace + MORE

5 Attitudes Designed to Help Your Family Live in Peace + MORE
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Why Athletes Become Intimidated – Peaksports Video + MORE

In “Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about how to overcome being intimidated by competitors. Visit Peaksports.com and click on contact us to submit your question for Dr. Cohn to answer in his mental game videocast or podcas.... More »
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The Key to Success is Within Your Child’s Developing Mind + MORE

Every parent wants to know the key to success that will help a son or daughter thrive in life, that “secret sauce” for raising a healthy child. Does such a sauce exist? The answer depends on your mindset as a parent and how you turn your mindset into practice with your children. Here’s a quiz:.... More »

SPORTS PARENTING TRENDS: Are Kids Born with Grit…Or Do They Learn it?

There’s a major New York Times best-selling book that was published about two months ago, and it has the simple title of GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. The author is Dr. Angela Duckworth, a professor of psychology  at the Univ of Penn who has studied this trait – grit — for .... More »

What do you do when your child’s coach isn’t doing a lot of coaching? + MORE

“My child’s coach doesn’t do much coaching… what do I do?” Here’s how I answered that parent’s questions: Learn More About How You Can be a Sticky Sports Parent!        Related StoriesDon’t Fall for these 10 Youth S.... More »

When a Tough Sports Season Hits Your Child, What Can You Do?

Is your child in a tough season? You can’t make it go away, but you can help him get through it. Take a few minutes to watch…        Related StoriesMotivation: 5 Ways That Don’t Work with Young AthletesHelp Your Athlete Develop the Skill of Assert.... More »

Summer 2014 Reading Recommendations

– InstituteForSportCoaching.com

Finally getting back to blogging about the latest coaching resources of value to coaches. In my defense, there were three whole books for me to read! But seriously, the following are the three I recommend you should check out:

Coaching Excellence — Frank Pyke, Editor
Running Science — Owen Anderson
Biochemical Monitoring of Sport Training  – Atko Viru & Mehis Viru

If I was a new coach and seeking a resource to aid me in becoming a well rounded coach, then I would pick up a copy of  Coaching Excellence…

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In 1938, as Europe hurtled toward another world war, Britain’s Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, signed the Munich Agreement. Chamberlain remembered World War One only too well, and he desperately wanted things to be different. He waved his little piece of paper at the airport, and he declared he had secured, “Peace in our time…

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flag football tournament 1405119542 594595257 5 Attitudes Designed to Help Your Family Live in Peace + MOREThe difference between a great season and a good season in youth soccer frequently comes down to a coach’s planning.  Great coaches do a little homework and leverage the technology and expertise available to get the most out of their players and the season.
3 tools to make youth soccer coaching easier
Here are 3 tools for youth soccer coaches that can make a difference…

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