4 Ways to Raise an Empathy Rich Child + MORE

4 Ways to Raise an Empathy Rich Child + MORE

How the Hard Work of Youth Sports is Still Fun

This post is sponsored by Genius of Play, a one-stop source for play ideas that build real skills. There is rarely anything fun about the hard work of youth sports. Although hard work and fun can co-exist in youth sports, let’s not sugar coat the sweat, the sore muscles, and the exhaustion that yo.... More »
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Help Girls In Sports Overcome Bullying + MORE

Girls and women in sports like to focus on relationships, while boys and men are less likely to do this, says Joan Steidinger, author of “Sisterhood in Sports: How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete.” But while focusing on relationships has many pluses—kids who do this are likely.... More »
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Be On The Lookout For Heat Illness and Exertional Heat Stroke

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Heat Illness is a broad term used for a range of problems such as dehydration, cramping, dizziness, heat exhaustion and a very serious problem called heat stroke.... More »

Sports Parenting Podcast: Practical Advice from a Sports Dad Who’s in the Trenches + MORE

To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. Today, I’m taking a break from talking with coaches and expertst to chat with a sports dad who’s in the trenches of youth sports, where probably most of you are. Kevin Duy of Sports Dad Hub is a proud Sports Dad from St. Louis, Missou.... More »

Teamwork Quotes To Inspire Your Team + MORE

Teamwork quotes can help you inspire your team. The challenge for any coach or leader is trying to get a group of people to work together to accomplish the objectives at hand. Check out these team sayings for inspiration. Quotes About Teamwork None of us is as smart as all of us. Satchel Paige When .... More »

4 Ways to Raise an Empathy Rich Child

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Six months ago, I took my eight-year-old daughter on a road trip to San Francisco. It was her first trip to the area and she researched the city to find the best spots to visit. The list was long and we didn’t stand a chance of completing it in two days, but she was determined to give it a try…

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Weekend Fun: If you’re one of the few people left that haven’t heard of Quidditch yet, it’s time you became educated on the small, Northeast Intramural sport that has turned into a world-wide sensation. Adapted from J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series, the muggle creation of Quidditch turned ten years old this month…

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Give your child these four supports and they are headed for success in youth sports:   Nominate a coach, volunteer, or parent for the October Positive Youth Sports Award! Take just a minute and nominate someone now!
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