4 Ways to Raise an Empathy Rich Child + MORE

4 Ways to Raise an Empathy Rich Child + MORE

Celebrating One Year With Stephen Curry + Curry Two Sweepstakes!

Wow, has it been one year already? Just about one year ago, Stephen Curry made the decision to join the CoachUp team! Since then, we’ve made countless videos with Stephen and have enjoyed seeing his career bloom in front of our very eyes. We’ve watched in earnest as Stephen became an MVP.... More »
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The Bleacher Report Blog is now an archive + MORE

Thank you for coming to the Bleacher Report Blog, which served the B/R community from 2007 to 2016. Starting in 2011, the B/R Blog was devoted to journalism education and discussion of issues of concern to early-career sportswriters. It is no longer being updated and comments are closed, but the blo.... More »
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How to Explain Mental Training to Young Athletes

Mental Game Coaching For Young Athletes A sport parent asks: “My son has been in a slump with all his baseball activities that he cannot seem to shake. He cannot communicate to us what he needs to help him and we don’t want him to fail even more. How do we help him understand?” To answ.... More »

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10 Things That Will Make Life Easier for Busy Sport Parents

Busy Sports parents, do you feel like you’re drowning? Last night I was talking with a sports mom, who was recounting her busy day to me: running from school to home to pre-game drop-off, to home, and back to the game. It made me tired just listening to her! I remember that life. There were....... More »

4 Ways to Raise an Empathy Rich Child

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 1445645047 287358694 4 Ways to Raise an Empathy Rich Child + MOREGuest Post by Katie Hurley, LCSW

Six months ago, I took my eight-year-old daughter on a road trip to San Francisco. It was her first trip to the area and she researched the city to find the best spots to visit. The list was long and we didn’t stand a chance of completing it in two days, but she was determined to give it a try…

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Weekend Fun: If you’re one of the few people left that haven’t heard of Quidditch yet, it’s time you became educated on the small, Northeast Intramural sport that has turned into a world-wide sensation. Adapted from J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series, the muggle creation of Quidditch turned ten years old this month…

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Give your child these four supports and they are headed for success in youth sports:   Nominate a coach, volunteer, or parent for the October Positive Youth Sports Award! Take just a minute and nominate someone now!
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