4 Masks Your Child Might Be Wearing When Playing Sports + MORE

4 Masks Your Child Might Be Wearing When Playing Sports + MORE

The Best Way to Teach Your Child to be a Team Player!

There’s good ways to teach your child to be a team player, and there’s there’s the BEST way….   Learn How You Can Talk with Janis!        Related StoriesWhy Coaches Play FavoritesHere’s How You Can Help Your Athlete Handle Sports.... More »

Here’s the Guidelines for Taking Risks in Youth Sports + MORE

Taking risks should not be the equivalent of tackling danger in youth sports. In this video clip, Peter Vidmar, the highest scoring American gymnast in Olympic History, gives a new meaning to the word risk and explains the difference between risk and danger, when it comes to youth sports. He answe.... More »

LEGAL CONCERNS: Are We Witnessing the End of Pop Warner Football?

Pop Warner Football has been an American tradition since at least the early 1950’s. Literally millions of kids and several generations of young athletes have learned how to play and enjoy tackle football from playing Pop Warner ball. But as the scene shifts these days in sports, we may see the.... More »

A SmartTeams Talk: Enacting Pro-Active Policies To Prevent Sudden Death in Youth Sports Presents Challenges, Says KSI's Casa

  The Korey Stringer Institute's Douglas J. Casa, Ph.D., ATC argues that youth sports safety policies need to be developed and implemented by sports medicine professionals, not athletic administrators, notes that the level of risk of catastrophic sports injury unfortunately depends largely .... More »
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Your Runner’s High Is Now Scientifically Proven! + MORE

Finally, there is an answer to the long-discussed runner’s high and the impending euphoria that goes with it — and its name is irisin. This hormone is directly released into the bloodstream, which is often why athletes may feel strong and invincible during or just following any intense work.... More »
Masks are abundant on Halloween. And I believe they are also everywhere in youth sports. I’m not talking about pitching masks, or football masks or lacrosse masks or hockey masks. But emotional masks, masks that are hiding something kids don’t want their parents or coaches to know about…

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I’ll be on the road next week in SEC country, so after a post on Monday the B/R Blog will be quiet.
I’ll be visiting journalism programs at the Universities of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana State. If you’re in Athens, Tuscaloosa, Oxford or Baton Rouge, in that daily order starting Monday, look for me on campus…

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Summary By Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Gretchen Reynolds writes a column for the New York Times. She is a very entertaining writer focused principally on health and fitness.
In this podcast focused on the young athlete, she discusses the benefits of lifelong exercise on brain and physical health, ACL prevention programs, and the usefulness of dynamic warmup…

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