4 Masks Your Child Might Be Wearing When Playing Sports + MORE

4 Masks Your Child Might Be Wearing When Playing Sports + MORE

GETTING CUT: What Today’s Parents Have to Keep in Mind

As we enter into the cooler months of the school year, that means that active try outs for basketball and ice hockey teams are looming. Both sports tend to be very competitive in terms of eager and hopeful kids who want to make the squad, especially in the middle school, travel team, or high school .... More »

“Billionaire trouble” heads PBS MediaShift’s top 10 media stories of 2014 + MORE

MediaShift, PBS’s site covering the nexus of media and technology, has named its Top 10 Media Stories of 2014 as part of its 2014 Year in Review series, which looks like it’ll be a good one to keep an eye over the next couple of weeks.   Writer Sonia Paul pegs “Billionaire Troubl.... More »

New Sports Training Categories Added to CoachUp! + MORE

Here at CoachUp HQ, we’re constantly racking our brains to find new ways to help athletes around the nation progress in sports and life. But we wanted to take it one step further. How can we help our athletes and their parents in their day to day lives? How can we really make a big impact? L.... More »

Sports Technology–Wearable Technology

As many readers of this blog know, I have an affection for technology! Over the past few years, more and more technology is seeping into sports especially technology being integrated into clothing. Imbedded technology provides the opportunity to gather feedback on performance such as ground contact .... More »

Thanksgiving Jokes for the Dinner Table + MORE

  It’s Thanksgiving, one of my favorite days of the year. There’s nothing better than gathering together with loved ones for football, parades, and food. Soon the table will be set, the turkey will be dressed, and everyone will sit down together. In my house, we love to laugh. We th.... More »
Masks are abundant on Halloween. And I believe they are also everywhere in youth sports. I’m not talking about pitching masks, or football masks or lacrosse masks or hockey masks. But emotional masks, masks that are hiding something kids don’t want their parents or coaches to know about…

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I’ll be on the road next week in SEC country, so after a post on Monday the B/R Blog will be quiet.
I’ll be visiting journalism programs at the Universities of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana State. If you’re in Athens, Tuscaloosa, Oxford or Baton Rouge, in that daily order starting Monday, look for me on campus…

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Summary By Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Gretchen Reynolds writes a column for the New York Times. She is a very entertaining writer focused principally on health and fitness.
In this podcast focused on the young athlete, she discusses the benefits of lifelong exercise on brain and physical health, ACL prevention programs, and the usefulness of dynamic warmup…

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