4 Benefits of Teaching Your Kids Business + MORE

4 Benefits of Teaching Your Kids Business + MORE
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Filed Claim: Arland Bruce III v. CFL Entities + MORE

The Filed Claim in its entirety can be found HERE. You will notice the very wide scope and various Defendants.  Certainly it will have to go through the process up in Canada however, it will definitely get some attention: Like this from The Toronto Sun. Or this from Twitter: The @concussionblog re.... More »

Terry Ott: Former Canadian Football League Star Terry Metcalf To Sue League + MORE

Terry Ott has filed this report to The Concussion Blog, again this is his journalism, we offer up the space for him to publish.  If you want to post here feel free to contact us.   ==========   Will Claim Debilitating Injury From Multiple Concussions and “Neglectful” Treatment     H.... More »

SmartTeams™ Talk: Individualized Return To Learn Approach Needed, Says Pieroth + MORE

Return to learn is just as important as return to play, says Neuropsychologist Elizabeth M. Pieroth, Psy.D, Associate Director of the Sports Concussion Program of NorthShore Medical Group and consultant to the Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, White Sox and Fire. Need to assess the child's individual symp.... More »

NFL analyst: We can only know so much if we weren’t in the huddle + MORE

We’ve all done it. Well, not you, but the rest of us have. We see a play go wrong for an NFL team, and we can see who screwed up. We diagnose the blown assignment or mental lapse and assign blame to the offending player. And really, unless we were in the huddle, we have no idea if we’re .... More »
flag football tournaments 1399434519 1066303236 4 Benefits of Teaching Your Kids Business + MOREAre you a year-round sports family?
Do you go from season to season with barely a break?
If that’s your family, chances are pretty good that you go through slumps when you are tired and youth sports becomes a huge chore. If you do not take time to get re-charged and get your second wind, several things could happen:

Youth Sports will become a chore, instead of fun…

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We hear and read a lot about Floyd Mayweather the winner. After all, winning is all Money has ever done since turning pro. That’s why it was refreshing last week to read about Floyd Mayweather the loser.
As Jonathan Snowden points out in Olympic Legacy: Floyd Mayweather and the Art of Losing, “Many of the lessons you learn in the ring are imprinted on your soul only in defeat,” and since he’s never lost as a pro, “There’s a lot about professional boxing Floyd Mayweather doesn’t know…

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youth sports 1399434514 224711107 4 Benefits of Teaching Your Kids Business + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Power. In multiple scientific studies, power is the one measureable predictor of elite level performance in football, rugby, soccer, and several other sports. Measured power is consistently higher for elite athletes compared to non-elite athletes in the same sport…

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At some point, a dad who has a goal of being the best dad he can be realizes that neither great dads nor great kids happen by accident. To raise your kids to be successful in life, you must be intentional. This includes all areas, especially their financial life.
“The beginning of your (kids’) financial life was either intentional or accidental…

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