3 Reasons It’s Okay Not to Like Your Child’s Coach + MORE

3 Reasons It’s Okay Not to Like Your Child’s Coach + MORE
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Certificates for Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball and More + MORE

Our certificates for youth sports are a great way to recognize players and coaches. Many youth sports are year round experiences. But, some winter sports are winding down or are completely over for teams. If you’re a coach in youth sports or a team parent, or maybe just an interest sports pare.... More »

Underdog Leicester Wins Premiere League

What was the biggest upset in sports ever? Villanova upsetting heavily favored Georgetown in college basketball? Buster Douglas beating fearsome Mike Tyson? Team USA upsetting the Russians in Olympic hockey? Or, underdog Leicester wins Premiere League? Many folks are making the case that Leicester&#.... More »

ACCOUNTABILITY: HS Athletes Who Put Integrity Ahead of Winning + MORE

“When No One Is Watching”: Two Stories of High School Athletes’ Integrity By Doug Abrams With national and international crises and discord dominating the news these days, it takes something special for a youth sports story to reach a major metropolitan newspaper’s editorial page. On June 2,.... More »

NYT Debates the Merits of Youth Sports Participation Trophies

The New York Times Debates the Merits of Youth Sports Participation Trophies The Opinion Pages, a section of op-ed writing on The New York Times, tackled the debate of participation trophies in youth sports and the short entries are worth your time this afternoon. The topic itself has long-burne.... More »
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PITCH COUNTS: Are They Really Working…or Resulting in Too Many HS Forfeits? + MORE

Now that we’re most than halfway through the HS baseball season, I thought it would be smart to review whether the state-by-state rules regarding pitch counts and limits are actually having a positive impact. And overall, I do think it’s very fair to say that the pitch count rules have – i.... More »

Six Parenting Hacks For Life in the Fast Lane

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Ever feel like you’re on the Daytona Speedway version of life and wonder if there’s an emergency brake? You’re not alone – parents everywhere are feeling the pinch of a world where “taking it easy” means only doing ten things at once.
Fortunately, on-the-go doesn’t have to equate to overwhelming…

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Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to like your child’s coach.  You don’t have to like the coach’s style, defensive strategy, or offensive game plan.  A coach can totally rub you the wrong way, and you may not even be able to pinpoint exactly why. He or she just does. The bad news…Read More
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