3 Reasons It’s Okay Not to Like Your Child’s Coach + MORE

3 Reasons It’s Okay Not to Like Your Child’s Coach + MORE

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Can Youth Sports be Both Fun and Competitive?

I got an email from a distraught parent the other day. She described a scene where the coach was screaming at the girls after a loss. She was beside herself at how the coach treated the girls. He was demeaning, he was loud and scary, and he had lost perspective on the age he was The post Can Youth S.... More »
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How Parents Can Help Young Athletes Improve Focus + MORE

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Top 5 Youth Sports Injuries and How You Can Help Your Child Deal With Them, Part 3: Tommy John Surgery

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Six Parenting Hacks For Life in the Fast Lane

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Ever feel like you’re on the Daytona Speedway version of life and wonder if there’s an emergency brake? You’re not alone – parents everywhere are feeling the pinch of a world where “taking it easy” means only doing ten things at once.
Fortunately, on-the-go doesn’t have to equate to overwhelming…

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Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to like your child’s coach.  You don’t have to like the coach’s style, defensive strategy, or offensive game plan.  A coach can totally rub you the wrong way, and you may not even be able to pinpoint exactly why. He or she just does. The bad news…Read More
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