20 Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Winter + MORE

20 Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Winter + MORE
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Coach Spotlight Series: Mark Phillips on Building Relationships with Athletes + MORE

We’re back with an early week Spotlight, this time on Mark Phillips, one of CoachUp’s oldest and most reliable coaches on the platform. For years, Coach Mark has made a living alongside us by offering fair, honest coaching while also creating long-lasting relationships that keeps athlete.... More »
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“Explanatory journalism”: Are you part of the media’s hottest trend? + MORE

Ken Doctor, who writes about the journalism business, or, as he calls it, “Newsonomics,” for Nieman Lab and others, looked into the hot “movement” in journalism in a post headlined “The newsonomics of how and why.” By how and why, Doctor means explanatory journali.... More »

Can a Woman play in the NFL?

There can be no saying whether the founders of the National Football League ever thought of women playing in the league. Since its inception, the NFL has been an all-men’s affair on the player’s side. That could change in the near future. Becca Longo of Arizona is the first female to have re.... More »
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Is It Time To Hang Up Your Cleats? + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Athletes will occasionally face the very difficult decision to retire from their sport This complicated and emotionally difficult process should be discussed car.... More »

Watch What You Say in the Stands!

Seriously, folks, it’s time to watch what you say in the stands…   Are you facing a roadblock in your parenting? In your sports parenting?  I’m a certified life coach who can help you. I’m not a counselor, therapist, or even a consultant. I will not tell you what to do,.... More »
 1389377850 856189489 20 Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Winter + MOREWhen I started at Bleacher Report about a year ago, I had no experience with writing articles, reporting news, recapping games or any of that. I wasn’t even enrolled in school at the time, but I knew sportswriting is what I wanted to do.
I felt I could do it, but I knew I’d need some help, which is where the Advanced Program in Sports Media came in…

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I admit I yearn to live in warm weather state where there are no harsh, cold, snowy, and icy winters. But my kids are just the opposite! They can’t wait for the first snow to fall each winter. Although I’m not a fan of driving in and dealing with snow and ice, I really enjoy having some winter fun with my kids each year!
Are you the same? Do you enjoy the winter, or dread it, until the moment your kids ask you to go outside?  Maybe the trick to make our winter fun and enjoyable is to find fun things to do in the Winter Wonderland we find ourselves in…

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