20 Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Winter + MORE

20 Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Winter + MORE
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Heaven’s Baseball Schedule Expanded

Baseball fans in heaven are excited about the prospect of more doubleheaders, because as Banks said, “It’s a great day for a ball game; let’s play two!” Baseball great Ernie Banks died yesterday at the age of 83. “Mr. Cub” was noted for his sunny disposition, loy.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: New Study Suggests Fewer Kids Are Playing Sports

A new study was just released this past week which  suggests that fewer kids between the ages of 6-12 are participating in sports. In fact, the number of kids playing organized team sports has dropped by a stunning 8 percent over the last decade. Now, if this is really true, that is quite a drop of.... More »
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SPORT SAFETY: When On-The-Field Celebrations Turn Deadly Dangerous + MORE

  Storming and Dogpiling: Dangerous Uncontrolled Celebrations In Youth Sports By Doug Abrams  Earlier this season, tragedy struck at a third-tier soccer game in Mizoram, a state in northeast India. After scoring the tying goal in the 62nd minute, 23-year-old midfielder Peter Biaksangzuala tried im.... More »

RecruitLook: NCAA updates social media recruiting rules

NCAA updates social media recruiting rules reposted from our partners at RecruitLook Social media in college recruiting has become too big for the NCAA to control. The solution? Change the rules for how college coaches can interact with potential prospects on social media. The NCAA could no longer e.... More »

CONCUSSION PREVENTION: New Protective Catcher Helmet is Finding Support

First, an important disclaimer. Let me just say that this is not a commercial endorsement. Askcoachwolff.com does not receive any compensation from Force3 Pro Gear, nor do we have any relationship with the company. That being said, if your son or daughter plays baseball or softball, and is a catcher.... More »
 1389377850 856189489 20 Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Winter + MOREWhen I started at Bleacher Report about a year ago, I had no experience with writing articles, reporting news, recapping games or any of that. I wasn’t even enrolled in school at the time, but I knew sportswriting is what I wanted to do.
I felt I could do it, but I knew I’d need some help, which is where the Advanced Program in Sports Media came in…

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I admit I yearn to live in warm weather state where there are no harsh, cold, snowy, and icy winters. But my kids are just the opposite! They can’t wait for the first snow to fall each winter. Although I’m not a fan of driving in and dealing with snow and ice, I really enjoy having some winter fun with my kids each year!
Are you the same? Do you enjoy the winter, or dread it, until the moment your kids ask you to go outside?  Maybe the trick to make our winter fun and enjoyable is to find fun things to do in the Winter Wonderland we find ourselves in…

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