15 Fall Riddles and Jokes for Kids + MORE

15 Fall Riddles and Jokes for Kids + MORE

COLLEGE RECRUITING: How to Prevent Your Athlete Making a Bad Choice of College

I have long subscribed to a theory – and I will tell you up front I have no numbers or research to prove this – so it’s just a hunch – but over the years, I have witnessed too many top HS athletes go on to college with huge sports expectations….only to become disillusioned when they ar.... More »
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How Do I Balance My WHY with the Demands of the Youth Sports Culture? + MORE

“This season was a disaster.” A former colleague of mine said to me recently. “We had a ton of fun, the kids learned a lot of new skills and gelled as a team, but we didn’t win as many games as last season.” “Fun and learning are the two primary things we always wanted out The post How D.... More »
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How to Eat Healthy and Save Money When Traveling for Youth Sports + MORE

Have you figured out how to eat healthy when going to games and tournaments? Let’s be real. Life in busy sports families means that something has to give.What is that “something” for you? For many, mealtimes seem to suffer the most neglect. Travel teams and late afternoon or early.... More »
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Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You! 6 Things Every Parent Should Know About Youth Sports + MORE

Consider yourself forewarned. Youth sports is a mixed bag, albeit one that is totally worth the hassle! Are you prepared for the journey? I’ll tell you 6 things you should know in less than 5 minutes.   Let them be little. Even as you help them grow up. Download my ebook now, 22 Ways to .... More »

8 Things Youth Sports Officials Want Parents to Know + MORE

Youth sports officials are probably some of the most abused people on the planet. They are under strict scrutiny by over-protective parents, dedicated fans, and very competitive athletes and coaches. They are insulted, attacked, blamed, and harassed. It’s a wonder they don’t quit. I thin.... More »
Riddles and jokes are a great way to help our children laugh and put their brains in motion at the same time. Add to that the fun of a festive season like fall, and you have one terrific opportunity to make some great memories with the kids. Here are some silly, and yes corny, jokes and riddles to help put some fall smiles on those faces…

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The SETTING: A 12 and under youth hockey game
The TEAMS: Team A – Smaller, 10 & 11 year olds vs.                    Team B – Bigger, 12 year oldsThe PLOT: Team A is beating a bigger Team B, 3 -1
ACTION: Team B, as they fall behind, begins to play extremely physical, and dirty, checking from behind, slamming kids into the boards after the whistle, making lewd comments and clearly going after the opposing players, NOT the puck!
The REFS: Call only minor infractions, over 45 of them!, but let the dangerous, overly physical play continue, ignoring complaints from Team A coaches and parents…

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