15 Eye-Opening Facts About Youth Sports + MORE

15 Eye-Opening Facts About Youth Sports + MORE
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The Athletes Guide to Essential Self-Care + MORE

Many athletes like to pride themselves on being “tough” and pushing themselves to the limits. They are hyper-focused on their goals and apply all their energy towards the big game, race, or performance coming up in the near future or the end of the season. They wake up early to work out, put i.... More »

Could Rats Help Discover the Healthiest Form of Exercise?

A new study published in the Journal of Physiology and then written about by The New York Times is making waves for its intriguing look at the human mind and exercise. In which, the researchers injected a group of male rats with a substance that helps understand the effects of exercise on the brai.... More »
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How to Help Athletes Who Stop Trying or Give Up

Is Your Young Athlete a Perfectionist? A young athlete asks: “I’m 14 years old and have been playing tennis since I was 5. But 2 years ago I started to go to an academy. And at the same time I started to play tournaments. One of my coaches calls me a bull because I’m always so stu.... More »

A MOMENT TO REFLECT: Marking 20 Years of Sports Parenting Talk on WFAN Sports Radio

This Sunday AM marks my 20th year on the air at WFAN, and I wanted to pause for a moment to reflect on the issue of sports parenting and how it’s evolved – at least from my point of view – over the last two decades. Now, many of you know I first became drawn to the field of sports .... More »
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Why Youth Sports Leagues Should NOT Rely on FBI Fingerprint Checks Alone + MORE

The interest in and prevalence of youth sports background checks as a pre-employment and pre-volunteering measure is skyrocketing. The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) says this is attributed to two factors: the increased exposure of high-profile reports of child sexual abuse, such as at t.... More »
flag football tournaments 1396997822 609116106 15 Eye Opening Facts About Youth Sports + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Stanford University
We spend quite a bit of time and focus in Sideline Sports Doc on competitive sports. Today’s post is on a related but slightly different subject- the benefits of continued fitness after the athlete’s competitive playing days are over…

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youth flag football tournaments 1396997832 1656396052 15 Eye Opening Facts About Youth Sports + MOREYouth sports is big business. It is so huge that we can only guess at how large it has grown. I’ve seen estimates of over 21 million all the way to 35 million for kids ages 5-18.
That number may sound good but let’s look at the facts behind the big number.

Kids are starting earlier and earlier. 67% of boys and 47% of girls are already on teams by age six (ESPN)…

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Nearly 30 percent of Americans report having more credit card debt than emergency savings. Another study found that 44 percent of households are “liquid asset poor,” meaning they have less than three months’ worth of savings. Much like our government, many Americans are deep in debt and low in savings…

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Steve Buttry makes frequent appearances in the B/R Blog. He’s a writer, editor, blogger and teacher who makes a habit of writing things I think are really smart and worth repeating.
Well, he’s done it again.
Buttry just found out he’s lost his job as Digital First Media is shutting down Project Thunderdome, its experiment in producing news content centrally for a huge chain of newspapers, leaving those papers’ staffs free to work on local reporting…

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