10 Tips for Teens to Prevent Cyberbullying + MORE

10 Tips for Teens to Prevent Cyberbullying + MORE

Eat Fat, Get Fat or Eat Fat, Get Healthy? + MORE

  Remember when the "eat fat, get fat" mantra was all the rage? Athletes avoided fat like the plague. They ate poached fish, dry salads, and steamed vegetables in efforts to reduce the risk of getting fat - to say nothing of having a heart attack. Unfortunately for many low-fat .... More »

REFLECTIONS: The Games That Your Young Athletes Will Remember…

Editor’s note: DAN VENEZIA, a former professional baseball player in the Twins’ organization, is a youth sports coach and author of the children’s book, “Coach Dan on Sportsmanship.” His website is www.CoachDan.com.  Dan recently shared his coaching story with me, and I wanted to .... More »
 10 Tips for Teens to Prevent Cyberbullying + MORE

Arthroscopic Surgery For FAI In Young Athletes

By Marc Safran, M.D. Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University And Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: FAI surgery is sometimes necessary to return the athlete to sports participation Results .... More »
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Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You! 6 Things Every Parent Should Know About Youth Sports + MORE

Consider yourself forewarned. Youth sports is a mixed bag, albeit one that is totally worth the hassle! Are you prepared for the journey? I’ll tell you 6 things you should know in less than 5 minutes.   Let them be little. Even as you help them grow up. Download my ebook now, 22 Ways to .... More »
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Industry heavy hitters Murray, Baer discuss journalism future with Politico’s Allen + MORE

Five years ago, I wrote that the “Future of Journalism is endless panel discussions about the Future of Journalism.” I’m not yet convinced I was wrong, but I still enjoyed this short video on Politico in which chief White House correspondent Mike Allen talks to Don Baer and Alan Mu.... More »
“Don’t Know Much About History”: When History Classes Fail to Prepare Youth Athletes
By Doug Abrams
For the Phillipsburg (N.J.) High School Stateliners varsity wrestling team, the descent from local celebrity to international embarrassment happened swiftly last week. A few hours after the Stateliners capped an undefeated season by winning a state title, a photograph surfaced on social media showing several white team members posing with a black mannequin that wore the T-shirt of rival Paulsboro (N…

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Technology and social media play an ever present part in teen’s lives, making them vulnerable to cyberbullying. However, there are a few things that teens can do to reduce their chances of getting bullied.
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Eleven-year-old Josh was driving his parents, and his teachers, up the wall. Not so much the individual behaviors as much as the underlying rudeness. Manners, lack of consideration, impoliteness, selfishness, and a “me first” attitude. Put together as a package, the problem was debilitating…

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