10 Things You Will Miss When Your Child Stops Playing Sports + MORE

10 Things You Will Miss When Your Child Stops Playing Sports + MORE

RecruitLook: NCAA updates social media recruiting rules

NCAA updates social media recruiting rules reposted from our partners at RecruitLook Social media in college recruiting has become too big for the NCAA to control. The solution? Change the rules for how college coaches can interact with potential prospects on social media. The NCAA could no longer e.... More »

SPORTS PARENTING TIPS: Coaching Kids is a Serious Responsibility

The response to Doug Abram’s column last week regarding “coaches who apologize” generated a remarkable number of downloads and hits, and that interest continued this AM on my radio show. The general consensus was that — especially with younger athletes (10 and under) — .... More »
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How to Help Kids Stop Dwelling on Mistakes

Helping Young Athletes Let Go of Mistakes When kids hang onto mistakes, they often end up experiencing low confidence, frustration and poor performance. When they dwell on their mistakes, they can’t focus in the moment or have fun playing sports because they become so angry with themselves. I.... More »

CoachUp’s Pump-Up Playlist #2 + MORE

CoachUp’s Pump-Up Playlist #2 About a month ago, we asked some of our most esteemed coaches and employees to weigh in on their favorite pump-up songs. It was a smashing success, so we’re bringing it back for another edition! While your fall sports are nearing the playoff push, it’s.... More »

INNOVATIONS: Why Not Set National Benchmarks so that Athletes Can See How They Match Up?

In today’s column, I’m going to make a strong suggestion and try to make a case that perhaps there’s a better way to raise our kids in sports than what we’re currently doing. Now, admittedly, this is something of a radical approach. I’m the first to admit that. But the truth is…..... More »
The Best of ESPN’s 30 for 30: Basketball Edition With the NBA Finals potentially halfway done at this point, so now is a good time for some serious reflection. And with what seems like ages between each game, we’re not officially in a basketball lull. Just in case you needed a reason to watch more basketball, […] The post The Best of ESPN’s 30 for 30: Basketball Edition appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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 1465288697 1628020323 10 Things You Will Miss When Your Child Stops Playing Sports + MORELet’s be honest. We love our kids to pieces, right? But parenting is exhausting – especially when we add in sports, extracurricular activities, family obligations, keeping the house in order, getting a semi-decent meal on the table, our own jobs – and oh yeah – having any semblance of a life…

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Playing sports brings you and your child many challenges–some good and some very very ugly. But when your kids are done playing sports–be it before or after college–there will be things you will miss because there’s nothing quite like watching your child grow, fail, overcome, and succeed in the game! These are the things I…

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