10 Signs You are Coddling Your Young Athlete + MORE

10 Signs You are Coddling Your Young Athlete + MORE

March Madness Terms: Understanding The Big Dance

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is a big deal, and understanding March Madness terms will help you talk conversationally with most basketball fans. The annual, three-week NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament accounts for over 85% of the NCAA’s annual revenues. It’s estimated that some $9 bil.... More »

10 FREE Youth Sports Courses for Parents and Coaches

Coaches and Parents, are you looking for a way to help your kids get better in sports? Do you wish there was more that you could do? Parents, you may feel helpless because you don’t know enough about your child’s sport. Or Coaches, maybe you’d just like some fresh ideas for running.... More »
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Inspired by autistic student manager, Jason McElwain’s 20 points in 4 minutes of play at a high school basketball game, Sports Feel Good Stories was launched on February 2, 2009. Today, marks our 7th Anniversary. Yeah! Lots has changed since our early days. From an audience of friends and fami.... More »
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The 11 Best Mental Toughness Products from Dr. G + MORE

Many of the athletes, coaches, sports clubs, and organizations I’ve worked with over the years know me through live interaction or public speaking events. This personal approach has been the foundation of my work and has allowed me to experience the full range of challenges and achievements to t.... More »
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Why Perfectionist Sports Kids Aren’t So Perfect + MORE

What’s The Problem With Perfectionism? Perfectionist sports kids show up to practice on time and work hard to improve their skills. Coaches like them because they follow directions. Sounds perfect, right? But there’s a problem with perfectionist sports kids—often, both in sports and life..... More »
There’s been a lot of discussion in the youth sports world about whether parents and coaches are coddling athletes. So I thought you’d be interested in this post I just published on the Huffington Post Parent Blog yesterday: 10 Signs You are Coddling Your Young Athlete After you’ve read it, let me know, do you…

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Pushing your child to play a sport because YOU want him to is not always going to end well. It’s true that you’ll hear stories of pro athletes who claim their mom or dad pushed them to play a certain sport…and look where they are now! But that kind of sports parenting tactic is a…..

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