10 Questions to Ask Your Wife Every Year + MORE

10 Questions to Ask Your Wife Every Year + MORE

SPORTS PARENTING TRENDS: Revisiting the Most Pressing Issues in Youth and Amateur Sports + MORE

Back in June of this year, I did a Sports Edge show in which I asked a fairly simple question about youth sports. And the response was so overwhelming that I promised myself that I would come back to revisit the topic soon. And today is that day. What was that question? What do you think is the bigg.... More »
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Our Spine Stress Fracture Mini-Epidemic + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Stress fractures in the low back (lumbar spine) are injuries that can result in months off from sport and in some instances can lead to withdrawal from the sport.... More »

Why Do Women Cheat? + MORE

  One of my favorite movies, particularly this time of year, is When Harry Met Sally. There are so many famous lines and funny moments. In one scene, Billy Crystal’s character, Harry, is at a football game with his friend Jess talking about how he and his wife are separating. Among a chee.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: New Study Suggests Fewer Kids Are Playing Sports

A new study was just released this past week which  suggests that fewer kids between the ages of 6-12 are participating in sports. In fact, the number of kids playing organized team sports has dropped by a stunning 8 percent over the last decade. Now, if this is really true, that is quite a drop of.... More »
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How to Get Kids Mentally Ready For Competing + MORE

Mental Preparation For Young Athletes A parent asks: “My child doesn’t seem as mentally ready as some of the other kids in his league. I need concrete ideas on what to say and do to help my child prepare for competition.” “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”.... More »

The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA), the only Association comprised of NBA, ABA, Harlem Globetrotters and WNBA alumni, today announced a formal partnership with CoachUp – a service that connects athletes with private coaches. The mutually beneficial relationship will provide paid private coaching opportunities for NBRPA Members, while delivering a number of highly qualified basketball coaches to CoachUp…

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There is a new docu-series (reality show) called Friday Night Tykes on the Esquire Network, which follows five youth football teams in San Antonio. To say the show is controversial doesn’t do it justice.
I’ve watched the first two episodes, and almost wish I could have that two hours of my life back…

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national flag football tournament 1390516993 170343472 10 Questions to Ask Your Wife Every Year + MOREIt’s not getting any easier being a big league hitter.  Consider that in 2003, only three pitchers lit up the radar gun at 95 mph or more on at least 700 of their pitches, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Matthew Futterman.  Last season, 17 pitchers were able to bring that speed consistently…

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The best remedy for marriage conflict is marriage communication. Disagreements, fights, impasses, separations, and divorce can be traced back to poor communication more than any other factor. Likewise, listening amounts to some of the best relationship medicine around.
Listening works best when we ask good questions…

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I believe that the story of Grantland’s publication of the “Dr. V” piece, which we discussed here yesterday, is, at heart, a story about diversity. Or the lack of it.
Diversity is often portrayed as an end, a goal. It’s not. It’s a means. It’s a way for organizations and individuals to be better at doing their jobs…

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